Uthai Thani Livestock Development Department inspects local pork


UTHAI THANI, 11 June 2014 – Local officials from the Uthai Thani Livestock Development Department have been integrating government units to help inspect and prevent unauthorized selling of pork in the province.

Livestock Development Officer Narong Kerdsri led a team of related officials from various departments to inspect the quality of pork being sold in the province. The inspections were done to prevent any unauthorized pork meat from being sold in the province.

Moreover, officials were trying to prevent the unauthorized pork to be sold across other provinces. Therefore, it was important to be able to integrate proper measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Local markets were particularly a risk-prone area, as pork sold in such places is susceptible to contamination by dirt or disease. Mr. Narong also made sure that local vendors were not taking advantage of buyers and that prices of the pork were stated clearly on the meat before being sold.