Trat trains its Public Relation officers to prepare for upcoming AEC


TRAT 23 May 2014 — Human Resource management training officials in Trat province are in the process of improving the skills of its Public Relations officers to prepare for the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015. 

Trat’s Human Resource management team is honing the skills of the province’s public relations officers in preparation for the upcoming AEC in 2015. The training program will take 3 days, during which trainees will be taught how to effectively conduct and adjust their work according to the needs of the AEC.

According to Mr. Komkrit Boonwattapong, leader of the training team, the objective of the training program is to prepare the Public Relations staff for the coming of the AEC — further adding to their professionalism in the work place.

Various workshops are conducted in the program, including training in computers, media, still photos, the use of new technology, and other media-related projects that could facilitate the upcoming AEC in 2015.