Trang Provincial Comptroller’s Office meets lottery vendors over 80-baht lotto


TRANG, 7 July 2014  – The Trang Provincial Comptroller’s Office has convened a meeting with lottery vendors at the Trang City Hall to urge compliance with the policies of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO). Lottery tickets at the regulation 80-baht price are sold at specific points, while the rest can be priced according to market mechanism, but not exceeding 90 baht.

As for the rumor that vendors who sell overpriced lottery tickets will be arrested, the Comptroller has reaffirmed that it is not the policy of the NCPO to apprehend vendors.

Moreover, he noted that not many people come to the specified place to buy the 80-baht lottery tickets, as it requires more travelling expenses, and it is not convenient for some people to leave their homes in the city’s downtown area.