“Thailand Tomorrow 2020” taking place in Phetchaburi Province


BANGKOK, 9 November 2013 The “Thailand Tomorrow 2020” is receiving a lot of attention from Phetchaburi residents, as a great number of students have shown interest in the government’s 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure development project. 

The “Thailand Tomorrow 2020” exhibition, which is now underway, will be held in Phetchaburi until November 10. The exhibition organized by the government is meant to inform the Thai people of the 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure plan, which includes high-speed train, dual rail track system, and other logistics-related projects.

According to the visitors, the exhibition provides them with information on what will likely happen to Thailand in the future and how they can adapt themselves to the upcoming changes.

The exhibition is divided into 2 zones. The first zone entitled “It’s not just a train, it’s the Future” will show the visitors why the high-speed train project is so vital to the country’s economic growth, whereas the second one will show them what kind of life they would have or what kind of society they would be living in if these projects were to come true.

Other than the exhibition, visitors will also enjoy cultural performances and a wide range of OTOP products from every corner of Thailand.

After Phetchaburi, the “Thailand Tomorrow 2020” will go to Nakhon Si Thammarat on November 21-23, and Songkhla on November 28-30.