Kittiratt stands ready for the mega infrastructure development project


BANGKOK, 8 November 2013 Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minster Kittiratt Na-Ranong has revealed some important updates on the government’s progress in the 2.2 trillion baht mega project. As of now, the 300 billion baht water management projects are going according to plans. As for the 2.2 trillion baht infrastructure projects, once related legislations have been passed, Mr. Kittiratt stated that the government is ready to go ahead with them. 

In regard to the customs infrastructure developments, the Finance Minister stated that public enterprises can now participate in the auctions. As for land transport, most of the country’s highways will be expanded from the existing 2 lanes to 4 lanes.

Mr. Kittiratt believes that this year’s economic growth target can be achieved, stating, however, that local and foreign investors are more likely to be interested in how next year’s economy would actually perform.

Exports continue to prove a challenge, said Mr. Kittiratt. Figures have sometimes shown to be drawing at a loss. However, when factoring out gold import expenses, the nation’s balance of trade can be seen as being leaning towards a slight profit.