Thailand & France have pledged to further strategic partnership


PARIS, 21 July 2012  – Thailand and France have pledged to further both countries’ strategic partnership during the Thai PM’s official visit to Europe. 

During the official visit to France, scheduled for July 19th-21st, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra affirmed French President Francois Hollande that Thailand is determined to uphold the strategic partnership it has made with France.

PM Yingluck also suggested the French leader that both nations should implement more action plans to further promote bilateral relations in such a way that Thailand and France will be mutually benefited.

France is Thailand’s fourth-largest trading partner in the European Union, with 4.6 billion US dollars worth of trade registered in 2011 or a 27-percent year-on-year increase. Key export items to France include garments, computers, rubber and jewelry.

The Premier also informed President Hollande that the Thai government is ready to offer all possible supports for various economic measures the EU has introduced, in order to help solve the crisis some of its member countries have experienced.

Earlier on Friday, PM Yingluck held a meeting with representatives from the French Employers Council, during which she expressed confidence in France’s ability to overcome all challenges and obstacles it has been facing since the emergence of the latest round of financial crisis.

The Prime Minister also told the meeting that Thailand will be ready to offer support to France through its strong economic partnership before the country becomes a part of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015.