Thai trade show draws Bt400 mln revenue in Philippines


BANGKOK, April 18 – Thai business operators attending a  trade event in the Philippines last month predicted export volumes to the island country at Bt400 million (US$13 million) in the next 12 months, said a senior Commerce Ministry official.

Srirat Rastapana, director general of the International Trade Promotion Department (ITPD), said sales orders during the Thailand Trade Show 2013 in Manila reached Bt45 million while additional purchase orders at over Bt340 million should follow during the year.

This was the fifth year Thailand held a trade show in the Philippine capital. Over 100 booths were set up in the event.

Ms Srirat said the ITPD selected quality, innovative and environmentally-friendly products to the show which attracted  more than 20,000 Filipino consumers, businessmen and importers.

Leading Thai products at the show included foods, snacks and beverages, animal foods, household products, accessories, clothes, leather goods, spa, health and beauty products, electrical appliances and agro machinery.

The Philippines ranks 11th as importer of Thai products worldwide and fifth in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s exports to the country were valued at US$4.6 billion and imports at US$2.2 billion last year.

With a population of over 100 million, the Philippines is a prospective market for expansion of Thai exports especially in the next two years when tariffs will be lifted as part of the ASEAN Economic Community.