“Thai Debenture: Funding Opportunity during Crisis” seminar


BANGKOK, 11 July 2012  – Former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Thailand Bandid Nijathaworn(บัณฑิต นิจถาวร) has warned about 3 risk factors that could affect the Thai economy in the second half of this year.

Mr. Bandit expressed his concerns during the seminar, “Thai Debenture: Funding Opportunity during Crisis”, saying the economic growth of Thailand in the latter half of this year will likely drop from the first half due to 3 economic risk factors especially the problem of the European debt crisis which has been the main influence in many countries such as China, India, Taiwan, Australia, and Thailand. The second factor is the uncertainty in Thai politics which has been affecting consumers’ confidence in the country, and the last factor is flooding and preventive measures that need to be taken in consideration.

He suggested that the government issue measures and strategies to help boost the Thai economy and reduce those mentioned risks in the second half of this year.

Mr. Bandit also predicted that the Thai currency market would continue to fluctuate, whereas the bond market will expand continuously, spurred by the tendency of foreign investors looking to purchase long-term bonds due to the lack of confidence in global economy, especially in Europe.