TCC offers to mediate talks to end crisis


BANGKOK, Nov 29 – The Thai Chamber of Commerce (TCC) issued a statement on Friday urging conflicting parties in the current political brouhaha to join TCC-mediated talks prior to a House dissolution.

TCC chairperson Isara Vongkusolkit announced the joint recommendation of the Thai Chamber of Commerce nationally and provincial chambers of commerce nationwide.

The statement said the chamber is willing to mediate to bring the two conflicting parties to negotiating table without precondition in an attempt to seek a solution for the country based on the law.

Universities, media organisations and other institutions accepted by all sides will also be invited to join the forum.

The TCC statement also states that the organisation disagrees with the use of force to tackle the current crisis. It views that conditional political strategy, if applied, will only lead to violence and loss of life.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce concluded that a House dissolution will bring about peaceful end to the problem. All conflicting parties however must turn to negotiation to find a joint solution prior to the dissolution.

Regarding the demand of the anti-government protest leaders for a people’s council, the chamber viewed it as impractical.

The chamber also stands firm on its anti-corruption stance without taking sides of the conflict. The conflict, if continues unresolved, will only lead to a dead end and possible violence.

Meanwhile, Kalin Sarasin, TCC secretary-general, cited a recent survey of 130 provincial chambers of commerce and trade associations which found that 70 per cent of those surveyed prefer a House dissolution to solve the political crisis, while another 30 per cent of the respondents would like to see negotiations between the government and anti-government protest leaders.