Some rubber farmers pleased with helping measures from the military junta


TRANG, 29 August 2014 – Some of Trang’s para rubber farmers say they are happy that the NCPO is taking measures to help the rubber farmers cope with the dropping prices of para rubber. 

Booncheu Somthip, an official from the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative revealed that the NCPO has approved a budget of 50 billion baht for a 10-year scheme from September 2014 to October 2024.

The measures include a 30 billion baht financial loan for liquidity via the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) to collect latex while a total of 5 billion baht via BAAC will go to a para rubber processing project. A total of 15 billion will go towards assisting rubber producers as a loan from the Government Savings Bank.

The NCPO also ordered all responsible agencies to find a solution to help soften the blow of plunging rubber prices and find alternative solutions while farmers are content with the efforts so far.