Smart Job Center opens its door today


BANGKOK, 19 Jan 2015,  The Ministry of Labor is opening an employment service center dubbed ‘Smart Job Center’ today, with an aim of matching potential employers and prospective employees. 

Minister of Labor General Surasak Kanchanarat stated that the center comprised 2 main teams, one tasked with coordinating between various agencies and the private sector, and the other following up on the progress of workers availing themselves of the center’s services.

According to him, officials will be on hand to give workers and handicapped labors advice on employment, labor skills development and labor rights. The center also uses advanced technologies, such as Skype and other program, to send workers information to employers and prospective employees.

The center will be open during normal government office hours, the Minister said; however, after a few months, it will extend its working hours to 8 pm.

General Surasak also said that alien labor worker registration at various One Stop Service Registration Centers throughout the nation has been going well, and that it will soon extend its service to Vietnamese workers as well.