Small-scale rubber farmers in Surratthani still selling rubber though prices have fallen


SURATTHANI, 30 August 2013 Small-scale farmers in Suratthani were seen selling on Wednesday the rubber they have produced, even though the prices of rubber have fallen. 

According to middlemen who buy rubber from the farmers, small-time farmers have been bringing in their products since morning. However, the quantity of rubber entering their shops has dropped, because the owners of large plantations have chosen to hold back from releasing their products while waiting for the government’s assistance measures, promised to the farmers who have been blocking the roads in Nakhon Si Thammarat, to become clear.

The price for raw rubber sheets at the market in Suratthani was quoted at 74-75 baht per kilogram on Thursday. The price for cup lumps was 31-37 baht per kilogram, varying according to the quality of the rubber texture.