SET President advises investors not to panic on declaration of martial law


BANGKOK, 20 May 2014  – The president for the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has maintained that trading activities would continue as usual, and a contingency plan has been prepared in case of a panic sell-off. 

SET President Jarumporn Chotikasatien has requested investors not to over-react to the Army’s enactment of martial law. SET index dropped by 20 points as the market opened on Tuesday morning. However, Mr. Jarumporn viewed the price drop as a good buying opportunity. He also recommended investors to seek out stocks with strong fundamentals and profit margins in order to get favorable returns on their investment in the long run.

Trading activities have resumed as normal and measures have been implemented to protect investors. Should the SET Index falls by 10 percent in a single day, then a “circuit-breaker” policy would be enforced to temporarily stop all trading activities for 30 minutes. However, if the SET drops drastically by 20 percent then all trading activities would be stopped for 1 hour.