Random price inspection conducted in Yannawa market, Bangkok


BANGKOK, 14 June 2015, The Ministry of Commerce yesterday conducted a random inspection of goods prices in the capital’s Yannawa market and found prices of pork and some vegetables have slightly increased.

The inspection was led by the ministry’s Inspector-General Kulanee Issadisai, who told the media most of the commodity prices remain the same except for the aforementioned items. Pork prices in particular have increased by 5-10 baht from the previous month, selling at 140 – 150 baht per kg, as drought has slowed down the overall swine growth.

Whole chicken price remains the same at 65 – 70 baht per chicken.

The market is now starting to see supply of eggs exceeding the demand. To address the issue, the National Chicken and Chicken Product Development Board (Egg Board) is currently deploying a scheme encouraging egg farmers to relieve old hens of their duty by giving 40 baht of compensation for every hen relieved.

Meanwhile, vegetable prices increased due to the diminished produce caused by drought. Price of lime however has dipped down significantly, selling at 2 baht apiece from the previous 5-10 baht apiece.

The Inspector-General believes that prices of vegetables, fruits and other perishable items would return to normal once the rainy season arrives.