PTT: Paying Thai labor in Libya with oil as wage may help ease soaring energy price


BANGKOK, 25 May 2012  – The country’s energy conglomerate has expressed its support to a suggestion to pay Thai labor in Libya by oil instead of cash, an idea that is believed to help ease the impact of rising oil price. 

Labor Minister Phadermchai Sasomsub said on Thursday that the ministry has been discussing with Thailand’s oil and gas giant, PTT, regarding the latter’s role in solving the problem of higher energy prices in Thailand.

Mr. Phadermchai said that he has proposed a negotiation with Libyan companies, which have hired Thai workers to work in the country, in hopes of convincing them to agree to pay wage in the form of oil instead of cash and to let PTT handle the payout for them.

Initially, PTT executives have agreed with the idea and it is now the task of the Labor Ministry to pursue the negotiation, according to Mr. Phadermchai.

In addition, he conceded that the ongoing unrest in Libya is making the situation too precarious to send Thai workers to resume work there.

However, the Labor Minister asserted that, as soon as the opportunity allows, the ministry will promptly facilitate the dispatch of Thai labor to Libya, through a government-to-government arrangement.

In related news, Mr. Phadermchai said that there has been a request from international hoteliers with businesses in Thailand for 380 skilled and trained workers to be staffed at all their outlets in the country.

He added that the Department of Employment has been assigned to handle this issue.