Promotional Campaign for Thai Rice on the Occasion of Prime Minister’s Visit to the United Kingdom


A promotional campaign for Thai rice, especially Hom Mali rice, will be launched in London on the occasion of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s visit to the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister will pay an official visit to the United Kingdom on November 12-14.

During her visit, the Prime Minister will be accompanied by representatives of the private sector who will explore trade opportunities with their UK counterparts. On this occasion, the President of Thailand Trade Representative, Office of the Prime Minister, Mr. Olarn Chaipravat (โอฬาร ไชยประวัติ), is leading a group of Thai rice exporters and officials from the Department of Foreign Trade to visit London from November 11 to 16.

Mr. Olarn said that he had been assigned by the Prime Minister to help promote the marketing of high-quality Thai rice, especially Hom Mali Rice and organic rice. London has been selected as the first country for the promotional campaign for Thai rice, coinciding with the official visit of the Prime Minister to the United Kingdom.

On November 13, Prime Minister Yingluck will deliver a keynote address on “Thailand: Unparalleled Opportunities” during a luncheon with British and Thai business people at the Grosvenor House Hotel. On the following day, she is scheduled to preside over the opening of the Thai Rice and Thai Select fair at TESCO store in Kennington.

Mr. Olarn said that the campaign for Thai rice is aimed at making Thai rice better known among European consumers. In fact, Thai Hom Mali rice is already popular among Asians. The group of Thai rice exporters will meet and discuss with members of the London Rice Broker Association, which have networks in other European markets and Africa. The discussion will pave the way for the expansion of Hom Mali rice markets to various countries in Europe, Africa, and even the Middle East.

During the visit, Thailand and the United Kingdom will initiate the establishment of Strategic Dialogue as a new mechanism to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation. The issue will be discussed and approved by the Prime Ministers of both countries.

UK Foreign Secretary William Hague recently paid a visit to Thailand to discuss preparations for Prime Minister Yingluck’s visit to the United Kingdom and the opportunities of increasing bilateral trade and investment. He also presided over a signing of an anti-corruption pledge by a number of British companies in Thailand and Thailand’s Coalition against Corruption.

Among European Union countries, the United Kingdom is the largest group of foreign investors in Thailand. About one million tourists from the United Nations visit Thailand each year.