Political unrest bears no effects on retail shops


BANGKOK, 24 Feb 2014  – According to the Development of Thai Capital Retailers Association, the ongoing political unrest has no bearings on the local retailer sector.

President of the Association Suwit Kingkaew made the comment, explaining that most of the retailers are located outside the capital, the main rally site, while the items they offer are everyday essentials; thus, their revenues remain steady.

Mr. Suwit said that the sector is more susceptible to consumer’s behaviors, and global economic performance.

He said that the number of retail shop operators is growing every year. At present the nation has a total of 600,000 shops, a jump of 3% year-on-year. Mr. Suwit said a retail shop’s strong point is its close proximity to communities, and has been eyed by producers of consumer goods as an attractive outlet with thorough access to local people.