Pokemon Go for small business explained


Pokemon Go has spread far and wide at an unprecedented speed. Barely a week after its introduction, this augmented-reality game recorded twice as many phone installations as Tinder, it has eclipsed Snapchat in terms of engagement, and its percentage of day-to-day active users matches that of Twitter. People are spending incredible amounts of time playing the game and journeying across the cities hunting and capturing digital Pokemon.


At first glimpse, Pokemon Go might appear inapt or unimportant to your enterprise. However, since it’s geographically based, there’re several ways to use Pokemon Go for small business to bring local players to the premises of your business and convert them into buying customers.

Is your business a Pokestop or a gym?

The game comes with two kinds of fixed locations that are essential in strategizing to attract local players to your business. Firstly, Pokestops are buildings or notable places in a city where players go to in search for additional potions and Poke Balls. The majority of these stops include local businesses and even if your business isn’t a Pokestop, one is probably nearby.

The second type of location is known as gym: a place where players combat their Pokemon as they seek to take control over other team players in that area. Either of these locations can attract players on a regular basis each day and generate increased patronage to your venture.

You can capitalize on the new Pokemon Go craze by:

Hosting a lure party

Pokemon Go’s lure modules attract wild Pokemon as well as players on your location. If your business happens to be a Pokestop or if there’s one nearby, throwing a Pokemon Go lure party will effectively bring you players who will hopefully convert into spending customers.


It’s an incredibly easy and inexpensive way of marketing. Local shops, movie houses as well as eateries and other kinds of businesses are attracting customers using lure modules, purchased within the Pokemon Go app and applied to the specific business.

Hosting gym battle tournaments

If a Pokemon gym is closest to your business, you can lure players to your establishment by advertising a Pokemon gym battle tournament in your premises. Consider offering discounts to those who win the battle to become gym leaders. Teammates ought to be there when teams are combating and thus a gym battle tournament can attract quite a substantial following.

Businesses such as coffee shops, bistros, and more around neighborhoods have become gyms where players go to train their characters.


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