PM Yingluck expects goods prices to fall within few months


BANGKOK, 10 May 2012 – The prime minister has forecast that local goods prices will fall considerably within the next few months. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra said on Wednesday that prices of several items have been rising due to numerous factors.

However, the PM believes that the government’s campaign to offer cheap products to consumers is viable option for the public to choose and an opportunity for producers to seek ways to keep their costs and, eventually, prices down.

The prime minister also expects that certain goods, particularly farm products, will see their prices adjusted down by market mechanism, during the rainy and cooler season, which is due to arrive in a few months’ time.

When asked about public resentment towards the Commerce Minister’s handling of higher goods prices, PM Yingluck said that the root cause of the problem should be more about the work system and the measures implemented than any individuals.

She affirmed that not everything is more expensive as prices of some goods have come down or will likely fall soon.

The premier went on to say that the press and the media should help inform the public of where they will be able to find cheap products while the government is trying to lend them any possible help, including a slowdown in the bus fare rise.