PM Yingluck assures US of Thai economic strength ahead of AEC integration


BANGKOK, 1 September 2012  – The Prime Minister has assured the US of Thailand’s economic strength before the regional integration in 2015. 

Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, on Friday, attended a thank you party hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand (AMCHAM) at Grand Hyatt Erawan Hotel in Bangkok.

While extending his greeting to PM Yingluck, AMCHAM President Joe Mannix said that the Thai government has started off the year 2012 in somewhat tough conditions, as a result of last year’s severe flood crisis. However, he stated that the strong leadership of the Thai Premier has helped revive Thailand to become strong again.

Mr. Mannix predicted Thai GDP growth rate in 2012 at 5 percent, with more than 20 million foreign visitors forecast to have landed in the country before the end of the year, a record high Thailand would ever have registered.

The AMCHAM President also said that Thailand’s ability to recover is the main reason why corporate US companies continue to view the country as one of the most-attractive investment destinations in the world.

He added that, with ASEAN as the fifth largest exporters to the US, more than 700 American companies are set to expand their move into Thailand, with an estimated investment of over 40 billion dollars to create more than 250,000 jobs in this country.

In her response, PM Yingluck stated that the Thai government is determined to achieve and maintain political stability under the democratic rule, with adherence to transparency and efficiency. She also affirmed her administration’s pledge to rid Thailand of corruption while expressing hopes for closer Thai-US collaboration in all areas.