PM encourages Thai investors to explore opportunities in Maldives


BANGKOK, 2 June 2013 Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra expresses her hope to use what she has learned from Maldives’ tourism during her official visit there to develop tourism in Thailand. The two countries have agreed to cooperate more especially in terms of national security, maritime navigation and human trafficking. 

During her official visit to Maldives, PM Yingluck told the press that Maldives gave high priority to Thailand since the two countries had enjoyed diplomatic relations for longer than 34 years. So far, scores of Thai investors had invested in Maldives whose government showed interest in increasing bilateral trade and cooperation on tourism promotion with Thailand, Ms Yingluck said.

According to the Thai PM, there are good opportunities for Thai investors in Maldives especially in food and processed food businesses as 60% of imports in Maldives are food. One of the top products that Thailand imports from Maldives is tuna.

In terms of tourism, Ms Yingluck said Thailand would adopt Maldives’ practices on environmental conservation and cleanliness of the sea to improve tourist sites in Thailand.