Phitsanulok farmers start planting rice as rainy season arrives


PHITSANULOK, 27 May 2014  – Local farmers of Phitsanulok Province have started growing rice as the rainy season arrives.

Rice farmers of Bang Rakam District in the province began preparing their farmland with ploughs following a couple of rainy days in the area which have helped moisten the soil ready for the planting season.

Mrs. Ngern Jubkeaw, a native of Bang Rakam and owner of a 22 rai farmland, said that the rain has softened the soil, a blessing for seeding. She said that the planting season could have started a month ago; however, the unusually hot summer during the past few weeks had proven unfavorable for agriculture as it caused various canals to dry up.

She has chosen to plant Jasmine fragrant rice, saying the crops bear the most expensive price tag in the market.