NSO: Thai teens ranked top internet users


BANGKOK, 4 May 2011  – Thai people aged 15-24 years surf the internet the most when compared with other age groups, according to a survey of the National Statistical Office (NSO). 

NSO Director Viboondhat Sudhantanakit revealed that the survey regarding the use of information technology and communication in Thai households in 2010 showed that the number of computer, internet and mobile users residing inside the municipal areas was higher than that of those living outside municipalities.

Moreover, Bangkok people used computer, the internet and mobile the most, which accounted for 47.4%; followed by the people in the central region at 31.7%, whereas residents in the south, north and northeast used them the least.

A large number of Thai citizens aged 15-24 years have reportedly been addicted to the internet the most, accountiong for 50% of the age group; followed by people aged 6-14 and 25-50 years who use the internet for data-searching, e-mail sending-and-receiving, and entertainment purposes, respectively.

In addition, parents participating in the survey wanted the government to take stronger measures against the improper use of the information technology and communication, especially among teens, by efficiently blocking porn websites as well as curbing internet café services.

The respondents also asked the government to control the prices of mobile phones and their accessories as the current number of teenagers using the device is rising rapidly.