Ministry of Industry to host shopping fair in Chiang Mai 8-12 August


CHIANGMAI, 1 August 2014 – The Ministry of Industry (MOI) will host a shopping fair at the 1st Regional Industrial Promotion Center in Chiang Mai’s Muang District, August 8-12. The fair, consisting of 400 booths from major industrial players including Saha Pathanapibul PCL, CP Group as well as OTOP entrepreneurs, aims to boost entrepreneurs competencies and reduce the cost of living for people.

The 1st Regional Industrial Promotion Center director Pranom Chenbamrung said that the prices of products are lower than the market price as they are sold by factories directly. It is expected that the fair will generate at least 20 million baht. Furthermore, The Center will provide consultancy for entrepreneurs on products, packaging, and product standards to enhance production and management efficiency.