Ministry of Commerce to use computerized system for ordering low-cost products


BANGKOK, 15 July 2012 – The Ministry of Commerce will soon introduce a computerized system for buyers to use in ordering products from the campaign of favored stores, known as Thook Jai Shops, in order to reduce the number of steps needed for delivery process. The system is being put into place because after one month of running the campaign, it was found that consumers were receiving late deliveries.

Mr. Boonsong Teriyapirom, the Minister of Commerce, spoke of the progress of the campaign, under the Blue Flag product strategy, which originally had products sold at random places. The lack of a fixed sales location made it hard for citizens to access cost-friendly products. The government thus decided to include local grocers and stores in the campaign, in order to provide permanent places for citizens to buy low-cost Blue Flag products. After one month, over 14,000 shops, scattered in Bangkok and the provices, have joined in the campaign.

The Minister attributed late deliveries at the start of the campaign to the need for Thailand Post to forward purchase orders to the Public Warehouse Organization before goods were sent back to it and postal workers could distribute them to appropriate shops. The direct computerized ordering system is believed to help alleviate these difficulties.