March exports rose 4.55%


BANGKOK, 24 April 2013 The Ministry of Commerce made public exports in Q1 of 2013 rose by 4.26%, with an increase of exports in March of 4.55%. 

According to Permanent Secretary for Commerce Vachari Vimooktayon, the total exports in March amount to USD 20.7 billion, up 4.55% year on year.

The export of agricultural products has increased since the global economy is gradually improving as a result of the US’s quantitative easing measures and Japan’s economic stimulus packages.

The Permanent Secretary for Commerce said that the baht’s appreciation had no impact on the March exports, however; if the strong baht persists, it would cause apparent impact on exports in Q2. The export growth target for this year is maintained at 8-9%.

Meanwhile, Thailand’s imports value in March fell by 11.55% with a recorded trade deficit of USD 867 million.