Labors encouraged to enter social security system


CHON BURI, 18 June 2012  – Labor Minister Phadermchai Sasomsab has instructed the social security network to quickly promote understanding among workers who do not have social security in a bid to encourage them to apply for the coverage. 

A seminar was recently held in Chon Buri province by the Ministry of Labor to encourage officials who work at the Social Security Office and related agencies to try to promote better understanding of the social security system among uncovered workers.

According to Mr Phadermchai, who chaired the seminar, over 24 million workers in Thailand have not registered for social security benefits. However, should they decide to apply, the Minister said they will be able to select between two different social security plans.

The first one carries a monthly premium of 100 baht. The insured is eligible for 200-baht compensation per day in case of illnesses or accidents, 15-year payment for disabilities and 20,000-baht compensation in case of death.

Under the second plan, the premium is 150 baht per day. The plan has the same coverage as the first one, plus an additional benefit for seniors entitled for a return of their savings upon retirement at the age of 60.

Mr. Padermchai pointed out that more than 840,000 people, who are mostly freelancers and farmers, have recently applied for the social security benefits.