KResearch: 39 bn THB to circulate before election


BANGKOK, 17 June 2011 – Kasikorn Research Centre (KResearch) has expected that over 39 billion baht will be circulated in the system to finance political campaigns, especially in the northeastern region before the upcoming 3 July general election.

KResearch reported that political parties are now campaigning very hard and use various channels in their campaigns such as the Internet and social media. About 39 billion baht is expected to be circulated, up from 21 billion baht in the previous election in 2007.

The rise in money circulation is attributed to greater spending by political parties and longer preparations as some of the parties started campaigning even before the house dissolution. Political campaigns on the part of party-list candidates are also found to be substantially more expensive than the previous election.

According to KResearch, about 11 billion baht is expected to circulate in the Northeast, followed by 6.3 billion baht in Bangkok and 6.5 billion baht in the North.

Cash will be distributed via election canvassers and related businesses such as publishing, advertising, leaflet distribution service, flower shops as well as related rental services, including cars, amplifiers, tents and others.