Kittiratt: Fruit, vegetable prices soar due to hot weather


BANGKOK, 9 May 2012  – Deputy Prime Minister and Miirnister of Finance Kittatt Na Ranong has assured that all government policies are aimed at the benefit of the people, while indicating the hot weather as the cause of fruit and vegetable price hike.

In response to the allegation that the government’s 300-baht minimum wage hike policy was the root cause of the higher goods prices at present, the DPM insisted that the policy had been conceived with the sole purpose of increasing the people’s income, not to exacerbate the people’s burden. He added that the government is ready to intervene if the wage increase has contributed to the higher cost of living.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kittiratt has explained that the rising prices of certain groups of products, such as fruit and vegetables, are a seasonal occurrence. to make the matter worse, the hot weather has caused crops to yield less produce. However, he is certain that the situation will improve in a timely manner.

Additionally, the DPM said that even though energy prices in the transportation and industrial sectors must undergo an upward adjustment in accordance with market mechanisms, household LPG gas prices will still be stabilized in order to avoid impact on the living cost.

The government has also reaffirmed that it will not increase the value added (VAT) or any other types of taxes.