Energy Policy Committee delays NGV, LPG price hikes


BANGKOK, 9 May 2012  – The National Energy Policy Committee has agreed to delay the NGV and LPG price increases to relieve people of the burden caused by the rising cost of living. 

After chairing the National Energy Policy Committee meeting yesterday, Energy Minister Arak Chonlatanon said that the committee had agreed to maintain the oil fund contribution for benzene, gasohol, and diesel to help control the inflation rates and alleviate people’s hardships. The retail energy prices will therefore not be increased at the present time.

The oil fund contribution for benzene 95 and 91 will remain at 4 baht per liter, gasohol 95 at 2.20 baht, and gasohol 91 and diesel at 0.60 baht per liter.

Additionally, the Energy Policy Committee has also approved of the pegging of the retail NGV price at 10.50 baht per kilogram and the maintaining of the LPG contribution to the oil fund at 2.80 baht per kilogram for three more months.

The committee has also agreed with the reduction of ethanol mixed gasohol price to encourage the use of alternative energy. It has approved 180 million baht for compensation of the price difference.