Kittiratt believes US Fed’s QE measures will not affect Thai economy


BANGKOK, 20 June 2013 Finance Minister Kittiratt Na-Ranong expresses his belief that the quantitative easing or QE measures to be taken by the US Federal Reserve policy board will not have much impact on the Thai economy, while urging the Bank of Thailand (BoT) to keep a close watch on the situation. 

The Finance Minister said the move will not much affect Thailand as the country has plenty of reserves to keep the value of Thai currency under control, adding that Thailand, if affected by the Fed’s policy, could also lower its key interest rate in order to limit the amount of capital influx into the country.

However, the minister warned related agencies, especially the Bank of Thailand, against improvidence by keeping a watchful eye on the situation so that future fluctuations in the Thai currency or Thai economy will remain manageable.

Finance Minister Kittiratt has also suggested that Thai investors pay special attention to their business investments as there might be some speculations in the stock and bond markets, while warning them against borrowing money to make huge investments.