Japan to develop eco-industrial park in Ratchaburi


RATCHABURI, July 2015 – The Governor of Ratchaburi and high-ranking personnel from the Ministry of Defense has traveled to Japan to observe the environmental management of Kitakyushu City, for use at the province’s future eco-industrial park.

Kitakyushu is the northernmost city of Kyushu and an important port city for international trade. The Department of Industrial Works of Thailand and its Japanese counterpart earlier signed a memorandum of understanding for the development of the park.

An area covering 20,000 rai in Jombung district was chosen as the construction site. The new industrial estate will come equipped with a full range of facilities, including a hospital, a recreational park, government offices and a shopping complex. Construction has already begun and is 10 percent complete.

Japanese researchers chose Jombung to build the industrial estate due to the district’s geographical advantages, particularly its closeness to the capital city, low potential for earthquakes, and high altitude above sea level.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense is planning to build a commercial airport in Ratchaburi to accommodate its growing economy.