Intellectual property rights promoted in Thailand


BANGKOK, 24 May 2012 -The Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) is joining hands with its Korean counterpart in promoting awareness about intellectual property rights and improving the Thai digital content to compete in the global market. 

In a seminar entitled ‘2012 Korea-Thailand Copyright Forum Digital Content Industry Promotion & Copyright Protection’, creators of digital content get to learn how they can protect their creations and profit from royalties collected from the third party using their content.

Deputy Director General Mrs. Duangporn Rodphaya said the advance of technology encourages widespread IP infringements with or without the knowledge of consumers. She said some owners of such content were not aware that they could make profits from license fees.

To raise public understanding and promote the importance of IP rights protection, the DIP and the Korean IP rights Commission have decided to hold the seminar to educate business people who are in the digital content industry. It will also, according to her, raise the standards of IP rights in Thailand and boost the country’s image in this field in the global community.