Handicraft industry unaffected by political turmoil


BANGKOK, 19 Dec 2013,  The national handicraft industry has not been not affected by the current political situation, given foreign tourists are still visiting Thailand, says the Support Arts and Crafts International Center of Thailand (SACICT). 

According to Ms. Pimpapan Charnsilp, the SACICT director, the sale figures of the industry from October until now have shown no signs of decline. Unlike the tourism industry, members of the SACICT, which account for the majority of the nation’s handicraft producers, have not felt any impact of the political turmoil, saying they do not fret over the issue, as tourists are still visiting Thailand. To avoid the protesters travelers simply changed their tourist destinations instead of staying in Bangkok.

However, Ms. Pimpapan expressed her concerns over the political upheaval that if it dragged on until the middle of next year, affecting the whole torism industry, the handicraft industry would eventually take the hit as well.