Halal industrial estate in Pattani to be restored


BANGKOK, 21 February 2013 The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) has an idea to revive the Halal industrial estate in the southern border province of Pattani and urgently help people who have not yet been paid for their land sold to the estate. 

SBPAC Secretary-General Pol. Col. Thawee Sodsong said on Thursday that after the first phase of the Halal industrial estate project was completed in 2007, no entrepreneur had set up a production base there so far. Apart from that, some local residents who had sold land to the industrial estate had not yet received payments. The SBPAC chief therefore assured that he would look into the matter so that the land sellers could be paid.

Pol. Col. Thawee said SBPAC’s plan to revive the industrial estate focused on the locals’ pride in their hometown and their needs. They would be encouraged to participate in the development of the industrial estate as much as possible.

Meanwhile, Mr. Adul Kama, President of the Tom Yum Kung Network, which is made up of Thai restaurant operators in Malaysia, said if the Halal industrial estate in Pattani was a success, it would greatly benefit the locals as it would create jobs and promote local products. He believed a number of Pattani residents now working in Malaysia would be interested in returning to their hometown to find jobs.