Science Ministry poised to adopt new technologies into development of auto parts industry


BANGKOK, 21 February 2013 The Science Ministry is determined to work hard and fast in developing the country’s auto parts industry through new technologies. 

Minister of Science and Technology Woravat Au-apinyakul revealed that the Science Ministry is working hard to push for the adoption of new technologies and innovations, derived from rigorous R&D efforts, into the improvement of the auto parts industry.

Mr. Woravat added that ministry will also be setting up a new national technology briefing center to promote the designing, the manufacturing and the engineering of auto parts, which is hoped to help Thailand succeed in building an alternative fuel-powered truck for agricultural uses.

The Science Minister said that most trucks used in the agricultural sector were assembled from second-hand parts, imported from abroad, and were usually unsafe.

He hopes that a successful truck design and production will benefit the agricultural sector greatly while the innovation can be exported to earn more income for Thailand.