Govt’s plan to import eggs opposed


BANGKOK, 28 April 2011  – The Hen Egg Farmers, Traders and Exporters Association has expressed its opposition to the government’s plan to import eggs in an effort to lower egg prices in the kingdom. 

Honorary President of the association Narong Jiemjaibunjong explained that such a measure was not the right solution to the current egg price hike. He advised the government against meddling in the prices but should let them move in line with the market mechanism.

The president added that the government should understand that the expensive egg problem stems from a decrease in egg supplies to the market as a consequence of disease infection among hens. Rising prices have nothing to do with speculation of farmers and traders, he said.

Mr Narong estimated that egg supplies will increase steadily after imported hens start laying eggs and output will reach 30 million eggs a day in November 2011. Currently about 24-25 million eggs are produced daily, down 2 million eggs a day from the normal situation.

Moreover, the president indicated that about 40 million eggs are anticipated to be produced daily in 2012, so the government should prepare some measures to deal with the oversupply as well as cancel its plan to import eggs from other countries; otherwise, Thai farmers will certainly be in trouble.