Govt and private sector: Tier 3 has not affected Thai trade


BANGKOK, 27 June 2014  – The Thai government and private sector have reported that the U.S. and the EU still had normal trade with Thailand despite the country’s lower ranking in the U.S.’ human rights watch list this year.

Director-General of the Department of American and South Pacific Affairs Songsak Saichuea, President of the Thai Frozen Food Association (TFFA) Poj Aramwattana and Permanent-Secretary for Labor M.L.Puntharik Samiti on Friday announced the progress of Thailand in tackling the labor situation after the U.S. downgraded the country to Tier 3. Mr Songsak said the Thai consulates in the U.S. and Europe had already explained the situation to relevant parties and major importers. The Director-General added that he had been confirmed by U.S. major importers that they would still buy products from Thailand and some of them had persuaded their European counterparts to continue supports for Thai products.

The Permanent-Secretary for Labor said the ministry would submit a letter to the U.S. to clarify the Thai labor situation and inform the country of the establishment of coordination centers for fishery workers in seven coastal provinces.

Meanwhile, the president of the TFFA said the private sector was hopeful and believed that the Thai labor situation would continue to improve due to the National Council for Peace and Order’s clear policy to address the problems. He also confirmed neither U.S. nor European customers had canceled their orders placed with Thailand.