GHB approved the interest-free first home loan campaign



BANGKOK, 22 May 2011 (NNT)- The President of Government Housing Bank (GHB), Mr. Worawit Chailimpamontri declared the loan campaign of interest-free first home program for the first two years. At present, there have been 1.3 billion applicants submitted the request, equivalent to 1.9 billion baht with 5.6 billion baht remained to be approved in the near future.


In the past, 270 applications have been approved, accounting for 344 million baht. The loan campaign is expecting 2 billion baht loan to be approved within 30 days.

Mr Worawit also said the majority of borrowers were the average income earners, and the loan was for townhouse and condominium according to government’s purposes. The other 70 percent aimed for houses.

As for the parties campaign policy which needed help from the GHB to proceeds the loan program of interest-free house extended for 5 years, Mr Worawit insisted that GHB is ready to run the procedure in order to ease public’s burden. On the other hand, the government would also have to provide credit limit to compensate the certain part for GHB as well.


Meanwhile, last year’s overall picture of GHB in issuing loan for accommodation has proved to be successful in carrying out several policies, which consequently, would issue an additional amount of 1.1 billion baht, from initial amount of 9.9 billion baht. However, the result is yet to be seen in the middle of the year.