Fresh vegetable prices reduce


BANGKOK, 20 May 2014  – The Commerce Ministry has revealed that prices of many agricultural produces have decreased.

The ministry reported that a number of vegetables in Bangkok had their prices reduced. Long-yard beans were only selling at 35 to 38 baht per kilo and coriander prices ranged between 120 and 130 baht per kilo.

Meanwhile, prices of many consumer products remained stable including pork prices which cost somewhere between 150 and 155 baht per kilo. A whole chicken costs around 70 to 72 baht.

No-2 and -3 sized eggs were priced around 3.70 to 3.80 baht each and 3.60 to 3.70 baht respectively.

Prices of many vegetable products have been maintained such as Chinese broccoli, selling at 32 to 35 baht per kilo, cucumber at 25 to 28 baht, and scallions at 50 to 60 baht per kilo.