Fisheries Dept poised to maintain stability of prawn prices


BANGKOK, 9 August 2012  – The Department of Fisheries is poised to continue its efforts to maintain the country’s prawn prices. 

Director-General of the Department of Fisheries Wimol Jantrarotai said on Wednesday that the Agriculture Ministry-initiated project to stabilize the prices of vannamei white prawn has been well-received by prawn farmers since it was activated in early July.

Mr. Wimol stated that there are now 900 farmers and 23 deep-freeze storage companies participating in the project, with more than 7,700 tons of prawns traded, to date.

He added that the prices of prawn have been going up during the past month, particularly during the end of July and the beginning of August.

The Fisheries Department Director-General said that the project is also aimed to help small prawn farmers group up to develop their own products for exports, which means the upgrade of product standards and more sustained allegiance among farmers and exporters.

Mr. Wimol went on to say that the project to stabilize prawn prices has been conceived to enable related farmers to work more collaboratively in both production and trade, while strengthening and preparing them for the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.