Finance Minister: Budget bill to solve economic issues, reduce inequality


BANGKOK – A Senate meeting was held today to deliberate the government’s budget bill for the fiscal year of 2020. The Finance Minister, UttamaSavanayana, said the budget bill will help address economic issues, reduce inequality and create a foundation that is fair and accountable.


At the Senate meeting, the Finance Minister explained that the government drafted the budget bill in accordance with the national strategy, the economic development plan, the national reform plan and the national security policy. The bill integrates all functions of different ministries and agencies, strategically and operationally, to prevent budget misuse and redundancy.

The budget bill was drafted to steer the government’s work, so that the country will advance and the objectives will be met. This is an important stage for Thailand while it elevates its potential and reduces inequality and poverty comprehensively. The country will be able to respond to global changes.

Initially, 40 legislators signed up to take part in the budget bill debate. The Senate is required to approve or disapprove the bill within 20 days, starting January 13, according to Section 143 of the Thai constitution. The debate will be held until February 1, 2020.