Egg prices rise 10-20 satang; Pork prices higher than suggested price


BANGKOK, 16 August 2013 Prices of eggs in the market have now increased by 10-20 satang per unit while a survey shows that prices of pork are higher than the price suggested by the Commerce Ministry. 

According to the survey conducted in Bangkok by the Commerce Ministry, prices of eggs rose 10-20 satang. A size 3 egg now costs around 3.55-3.65 baht while prices of size 0 eggs are now at around 4.3-4.4 baht each.

The survey also shows that the increasing prices of eggs have caused prices of ready-to-eat food to go up as well. Additionally, the report says prices of pork used in the preparation of ready-to-eat meals are higher than the suggested price of 140 baht per kilogram. Prices of chicken meat in and around Bangkok are 70-75 baht per kilogram which is 15-20 percent higher than the same period last year.