Diesel price to be under 30 baht/liter until 1st quarter of 2014


BANGKOK, 15 December 2013 Diesel price will be maintained at under 30 baht per liter until the first quarter of 2014, thanks to the dissolution of parliament. 

According to the Energy Ministry, the dissolution of parliament has automatically put on hold the planned energy- price-increase policy, which includes the restructuring of natural gas and electricity prices and the implementation of Power Development Plan (PDP), all of which will have to be considered and decided by the next government.

Diesel will, however, remain pegged at less than 30 baht per liter until the end of the first quarter of next year; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) will be adjusted up 50 satang/kilogram each month until the price reaches 24.82 baht per kilogram, up from the present 20.30 baht, in line with its production cost.