DEP presses on Thai brand development


BANGKOK, 22 August 2011  – The Department of Export Promotion (DEP) will push forward the development of Thai brands in the global market in an effort to promote sustainable growth of Thai exports. 

DEP Director-General Nuntawan Sakuntanaga stated that the DEP will adjust the country’s marketing strategy by encouraging Thai entrepreneurs to develop their own brands in the global market instead of producing goods under foreign brands.

Ms Nuntawan explained that manufacturing goods for others and selling products cheaply is not the way to add value to Thai goods, and neither will it promote sustainable growth for Thai exports. She admitted that Thailand does not have many globally recognised brands now but many of them have high potential.

The director-general affirmed that the DEP will push forward prospective Thai brands to spearhead the global competitions and become globally famous, especially those brands in tourism, hotel, food, spa, gift and decoration and furniture businesses.

Ms Nuntawan said that she had discussed with the private sector and they agreed that Thai brand development should be made continuously and needs cooperation from the Ministry of Finance in seeking Cabinet approval for additional financial assistance for entrepreneurs.