Comptroller-General short of funds to pay for car rebates in April


BANGKOK, 26 March 2013  Comptroller-General Manas Jamveha has revealed that the government does not have enough budget to pay those scheduled to receive their rebates under the government’s first-car buyer scheme, for the month of April. 

Mr. Manas said the Comptroller General’s Department does not know where it could get the budget from as it does not have sufficient funds to pay for the rebates scheduled in April. However, he said the department is looking to borrow money from other government agencies whose budgets have not been disbursed.

According to the Finance Ministry, the government set aside just over 7 billion baht for the rebates in 2556, but the Department has an obligation to pay up to 38 billion baht for the scheme. The Comptroller General’s Department has so far this year delivered nearly 7 billion baht worth of refunds to 99,000 buyers, leaving it with only 361 million baht, which is far less than what it needs in April to pay for refunds.

He further said the Department needed another 30 billion baht to fund the scheme this year. He also assured that the government will fulfill its obligations