Commercial banks see profits in first half of 2013


BANGKOK, 23 July 2013 Commercial banks in Thailand saw profits in the second quarter and the first half of this year despite economic slowdown. 

Siam Commercial Bank announced that it had made a net profit of 12.6 billion baht in the second quarter of 2013, thanks to the net interest income which rose 18.1 percent, while the non-interest income saw a rise of 20 percent, causing the bank to see a profit of 25 billion baht in the first 2 quarters.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Bank said the bank’s profit in the first half was satisfactory, adding that the number of loans is expanding well as the bank reaped in a total of 19 billion baht profit in the first half.

In the meantime, Kasikorn Bank announced that it earned 10.9 billion baht in the second quarter, 8.64 percent higher than the figure of the first quarter, making a net profit of 21 billion baht in the first half of the year.

Lastly, Bank of Ayudhya said it had a stable rise in money deposits of 6.5 percent in the first half, while loans saw an increase of 4.1 percent, making the first half’s net profit of 7 billion baht.