Commerce Ministry to strictly watch over Liquefied Petroleum Gas prices


The Commerce Ministry is to strictly watch over Liquefied Petroleum Gas prices Deputy Director General of Internal Trade Department Santichai Santawanpat (สันติชัย สารถวัลย์แพศย์) brushed aside rumors of retailers’ starting to stockpile Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG),

saying that the LPG prices remain the same despite the temporary halt in delivery from Myanmar. Accordingto him, the Myanmar supply suspension would directly affect the electricity generating capacity, if there is any effect at all, not the household’s supply of cooking gas. He,therefore, reaffirmed that there is no need for residents or retailers to stock up on LPG, which may cause shortages. Nonetheless, Mr. Santichai has instructed provincial office of commerce to follow up on the rumors and to clear up any misunderstanding among locals and retailers. The current price of LPG is 285 baht for a 15 kg cylinder, and 890 baht for a 48 kg one: exclusive of transporting cost of 20 baht each at most. Retailers charging more than the above prices without a good reason will be subject to a prison term of 7 years, or a fine of 140,000 baht fine, or both