Commerce Ministry to monitor food vendors to prevent price raising after gas price hike


BANGKOK, 29 August 2013 The Ministry of Commerce is preparing to dispatch its officials to check on the prices at food stalls throughout the country after the cooking gas price is raised on September 1. 

Internal Trade Department deputy director-general Ms. Nopphon Limthong revealed that the department’s officials will focus their price scans on ready-to-eat food shops, starting on September 1. The effort is aimed at deterring vendors from raising food prices in response to the rise in cooking gas price.

According to Ms. Nopphon, the Internal Trade Department has determined that the rise in cooking gas price would have very little effect on the cost to produce ready-made food. Other items that may contribute to food price increase, such as fish sauce and soy sauce, also have yet to have their prices increased. Therefore, the department has determined there is no appropriate reason for the food stalls to raise their prices at this time.

Vendors found to have excessively charged for their ready-to-eat food products may be charged with an offense that carries a maximum fine of 140,000 baht or 7 years prison term, or both.