Commerce Ministry, 8 agencies to develop, boost organic products exports


BANGKOK, July 25 – Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce inked an agreement with eight other agencies to support and promote the development of markets for organic products, aiming to double their export volume.

Permanent Secretary for Commerce Chutima Boonyaprapat signed the agreement with the ministries of Agriculture and Cooperatives and Public Health, as well as the National Innovation Agency (NIA), the Thai Health Promotion Foundation, the Thai Social Enterprise Office (TSEO), the Thai Organic Trade Association, Lemon Farm, and Central Food Retail to give support and promote the development of domestic and international markets for organic products from Thailand, as well as to create a network for organic goods production and expand organic markets.

In addition, the ministry plans to increase the export value of organic production from Bt3 billion at present, to Bt5 billion in the future.

However, she acknowledged that in the past two years, Thai exports have been affected by the sluggish global economy.